Do you like literature, arts or travelling?

Do you like the abstract – and the other side to life?

Is life not merely a reality – but an experience for you?

Do you fancy photography?

And do you, stop by, every now and then, tired – looking for some kind of a release from the mundane – a respite – an inspiration – to take you through life?

If, any one of these questions fill you in some way – and don’t answer you, then meet me.

I am your friend and accomplice, alike.

My name is Pradipta Dutta.

I am a Doctor, Poet and Writer, based out of India.

Healing people and souls, is what I aspire to do and make it my living reality.

I also aspire to Author Novels and Books of Poetry in the near future – with manuscripts in hand, currently.

I love traveling and I happen to be a connoisseur  of new experiences – I am a journey in myself – and I am making a journey – towards finding answers, finding healing, and an awful lot of inspiration – from my travels and the people I get to meet.

How was I inspired to start blogging?

Well! That’s a long story. But long story short – it was when my readers on Instagram requested me to start blogging – since they felt that my writings were really unique and I could give it a try.

Once inspired, there was no looking back – and I ended up creating and designing the whole website myself!


What speaks to me?


I love coffee and I love having deep and meaningful conversations.

I enjoy having new experiences and feeling life with all its intensity!

I am extremely passionate about Writing, it is my fetish,  an obsession – a need almost!

I am fun-loving and believe in always being on-the-go; at the same time I relish my solitude and my quiet time.

I am also spiritual – having trained under a Monk and a Spiritual Teacher from Coimbatore – and I believe in delving into the self – mine and yours – to find if there is a lucid possibility – that we may include one another and make this world a better place.

My writings therefore, will be thought-provoking, and will hold integrity – a realness even in fiction.

I will be writing – fiction, memoir, poetry and my travel experiences in the blog and share with you, my perception – and the perception of all those beautiful people I have come across.

I would not like to mince words – and thereby speak in all honesty. 🙂

Should you like,





Or finding some kind of a meaning to our Existence,


Feel an urge to know the Truth about life – my blog might be of interest to you, and you are more than welcome to join me on my Journey, here! 🙂